• EASYMMS BATH tablets (18 tablets)

This product has been a game changer for skin infection control and general hygiene. Bathing in a safe PPM of CLO2 water eliminates infection, pathogens and or bacterias that are on the skin surface or just beneath it. Cleansing at these safe levels avoids overloading the internal elimination systems. 

Pathogens killed near the skin surface move outward through the skin and float away dead. Bath in the water naturally - put your head under the water as per normal. CLO2 BATH water doesn't harm your eyes - unlike shampoo. Wash yourself with your sponge or facecloth or simply just soak in the hot / warm bathwater for 15 to 20 mins. 

These tablets are engineered to give a consistent PPM for a typical bath size - 80L. (21 Gallons)

CAUTION: DO NOT USE THE TABLET ORALLY, it is ONLY designed for bath water size volumes.

This product also comes in a BULK OPTION

This is not medical advice and you most consult widely and make your own decisions.


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EASYMMS BATH tablets (18 tablets)

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