• Dioxi Magnesium Bicarb 500ml (Concentrate)

Fast becoming a BEST SELLER!. The power plant of the human cell is called the "mitochondrion." The mitochondrion is what generates energy for the cell to use. What everyone refers to as "energy" is derived from the oxidative reduction of the cellular respiration. This is done through the mitochondria. But a problem arises when the cell is low in magnesium, relative to calcium.
Adenosine triphosphate, the "energy currency" of the cell, is magnesium dependent. This means it is obvious that the calcium pump at the cell membrane is also magnesium dependent. Without enough "biologically available" magnesium, the cellular calcium pump slows down. Thus a vicious cycle is established. The low levels of available magnesium inhibit the generation of energy, and the low levels of energy inhibit the calcium pump. The end result? The mitochondrion, the powerhouse of the cell and the entire body, becomes calcified.
This is the beginning of aging. It all starts in the cell. First the cells age. This leads to organ aging. And after the organs age, individual aging occurs. Since calcium is readily accumulated by mitochondria, this ion is potentially capable of antagonizing the activating influence of magnesium on many intramitochondrial enzyme reactions. This means that every function of your body can be inhibited when the mitochondria calcify. It's like going through life with the emergency brakes on. Calcium is the brake. Magnesium is the accelerator.
Dioxi Magnesium BiCarb (DMG) is proven by positive result that optimal hydration with DMG over three months may significantly increase blood magnesium levels, may significantly stabilise blood parathyroid hormone levels and may significantly increase blood albumin protein levels. These factors have been identified in independent international studies as factors that are significantly correlated to either decreased risk or increased survival of a range of serious diseases including ischaemic heart disease, stroke, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, atherosclerosis ('hardening of the arteries'), breast cancer, other cancers and many of the debilitating diseases associated with ageing. The consumption of DMG has been shown to significantly improve sodium and potassium balance in the body. There is a significant improvement in body alkalinity. These results lay the foundations for peak fitness, increased cell function and improved health.

Simply mix dry ingredients with 500ml water, shake well and let the solution settle for three minutes before use. Once mixed your Dioxi Magnesium BiCarb concentrate is ready for use. 
CONCENTRATED - always dilute with water 1 to 10
Dosage: 10ml DMG in a standard glass of water (125ml) taken 5 times a day for the first three weeks. Thereafter take 3 doses per day for two weeks. After 5 weeks you then take 1 dose per day. Keep taking this daily as a maintenance dose to keep your body at the ultimate pH balance. 

Magnesium bicarbonate is like drinking water from a fountain of youth - Dr. Sircus

This is not medical advice and you most consult widely and make your own decisions.

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Dioxi Magnesium Bicarb 500ml (Concentrate)

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